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      3. 96孔微孔過濾板

        Biocomma? The microporous filter plate is designed for high-throughput sample processing. The filter plate is made of polystyrene precision injection molding. It is matched with a variety of filter membranes of different types and materials, such as polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), mixed cellulose (MCE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other microporous filter membranes. Each plate hole is sealed separately, and it is matched with the removable guide plate and collection plate to achieve seamless integration. The novel porous design is particularly valuable for many applications where the filter membrane is required to be immersed in a measuring dish.


        Suitable for filtering below micron level

        Can be used for high-throughput sample processing

        No dead volume, high recovery rate

        Each micropore encapsulates the filter membrane separately, and the stability between holes/plates is good without mutual interference

        The size conforms to ANSI/SBS standards, which is convenient for automation?

        Removable deflector and unique filter plate design?

        It can be used with negative pressure method or centrifugal method

        Matched collecting plate and cover


        Protein kinase/phosphatase analysis, protein purification, receptor binding analysis, protein binding assay, ELISPOT analysis, sample preparation, sample filtration before mass spectrometry analysis, removal of fluorescent dyes, etc.

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