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      3. 超聲清洗機

        Biocomma Intelligent mute series is born in the name of mute, with a unique multiple sound drop design, which can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for the laboratory. A variety of specifications can be selected to meet the ultrasonic needs of general laboratories. The applicable scenarios are conventional cleaning, extraction, emulsification, mixing, degassing, dispersion, etc.


        Corrosion resistance: the liner is made of stainless steel SUS304, which is formed by stamping at one time, without welding trace, with good waterproof performance and acid and alkali resistance;

        Performance: the transmission power of the ultrasonic transducer of the cleaning machine is 50/60W;

        Adjustable: ultrasonic working time (1~999 minutes/normally open) can be adjusted at will;

        Convenience: humanized customized drainage device can quickly discharge the wastewater after cleaning, and the cleaning temperature can be adjusted at room temperature~80 ° C in China;

        High efficiency: high-quality imported core components are used, with high ultrasonic power conversion efficiency and strong power; The unique cooling system makes the components work more stably;

        Automation: exclusive use of time, temperature, power three dialers convenient control, LCD liquid screen display various functional parameters, the program can be set;

        Beautiful: The panel is made of organic glass, which is beautiful and generous, and realizes stepless power regulation.

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