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      3. 金屬浴

        Designed for precise thermal stability and uniformity through an easy-to-use touchscreen controller. It can be configured with 1, 2 or even 4 types of modules. There are many kinds of heating blocks. The controllable ambient temperature range is up to+5 ° C to 130 ° C. There is always a dry metal bath that can meet your application needs. Thermo Scientific ? The touch screen dry-type metal bath/heater module has a variety of advanced functions, such as timer, programmable functions (up to 10 programs can be stored, and each program has 5 steps), and optional external temperature sensors are provided to control heating settings through real-time sample temperature readings.


        Built in advanced temperature sensing probe, capable of excellent and accurate temperature control

        Temperature deviation adjustment

        Precise temperature control equipment with PID loop

        The temperature self calibration function enables the user to compensate the temperature to the required value

        The timer allows the user to accurately monitor the heating time

        Password protection function

        Interchangeable aluminum alloy sample module design is multifunctional and easy to clean and disinfect

        Multiple configurations are provided, and 1, 2 and 4 interchangeable modules can be placed to accommodate multiple containers and meet multiple application requirements

        Powder coated steel construction ensures instrument durability

        After the external temperature sensor is connected, the built-in temperature sensor will be automatically disconnected to control and display the temperature according to the external temperature sensor

        Easy to use touch screen control to display time and temperature

        10 user setup programs, each supporting up to 5 consecutive steps at different temperatures and durations

        Built in over temperature protection for added safety

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