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      3. 定量PCR儀


        QuantStudio 3 and 5 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR systems are shipped calibrated for quick installation and immediate use.?These systems can detect differences in the number of targets as low as 1.5x, enable remote monitoring, and feature cloud-based optional Applied Biosystems analysis modules and data sharing capabilities.


        High sensitivity and wide dynamic range

        Applied Biosystems QuantStudio real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detects subtle changes in gene expression as low as 1.5 times that might otherwise be missed by other systems.?The dynamic range is up to 10 logarithmic scales, allowing extensive tracking of expression changes in different types of samples and conditions.

        Adaptable configuration

        The instrument is small enough to be used independently or in conjunction with a computer, meeting the needs of most laboratories.

        VeriFlex module

        The Applied Biosystems 96-well module utilizes VeriFlex technology and has three or six independent temperature zones for precise temperature control and optimization.

        More porous option

        96-well (0.1ml module), 96-well (0.2ml module) and 384-well options

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