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      3. 離心機

        1 Optima series superspeed centrifuges ?

        Innovative centrifugal technologies help us serve customers in the life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, academic and industrial sectors worldwide. ?


        2 Security ?

        As a leader in centrifugal technology, Beckman Coulter itself meets the ISO9001 and 13485 certification requirements.??Beckman Coulter centrifugal systems take into account the operational safety and biological safety of centrifuges, turnheads and centrifuge tube designs, and undergo rigorous testing and third-party certification to ensure the safe operation of the system. ?


        3 Intelligent ?

        Beckman Coulter applies intelligence to centrifuges to facilitate standardized management, effectively reduce production costs and meet GMP/GLP requirements. ?


        4 High efficiency ?

        Efficient turning head design ensures that the minimum and maximum radius of the centrifugal tube have enough centrifugal force to complete the experiment. ?

        K factor optimization of rotary efficiency can greatly shorten the experiment time under the same centrifuge speed and centrifugal force ?


        5 Zone/continuous flow system ?

        The system has been widely used in the preparation process of influenza, hepatitis B, rabies, je and DPT vaccines.??

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