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      3. mRNA測序


        mRNA sequencing research object is the sum of all cell-transcribed RNA in a certain functional state. It can study gene function and gene structure at the overall level, and reveal the molecular mechanism of specific biological processes. It has been widely used in basic research, clinical diagnosis, drug research, molecular breeding and other fields.

        1 mRNA sequencing objective

        1.1?Access to comprehensive transcript information

        1.2 Detection of rare transcripts and discovery of new transcripts

        1.3 Accurately identify variable shear sites and single base differences between different transcripts

        2 Content of bioinformatics analysis?

        2.1 Sequencing quality analysis, statistics and evaluation

        2.2 Reference genome alignment

        2.3 Prediction of new transcripts

        2.4 Quantitative analysis of gene expression and analysis of gene expression level

        2.5 Differential gene expression analysis, differential gene GO enrichment analysis and KEGG pathway enrichment analysis

        2.6 SNP and indel analysis

        2.7 Variable shear analysis

        Sample requirements?

        3.1 Total amount > 4 μg RNA?

        3.2 Concentration > 50 ng/μL

        3.3 260/280 > 2.0

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