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      3. 針頭濾器


        Membrane Solutions? offer a full range of sterile syringe filters, using in sterilization or clarification for different volume of biological fluids.

        Membrane Solutions? Specially optimized the PES membrane, with excellent flow rate, throughput, and extreme low protein binding rate, are idea for all kinds of biological aqueous solutions.

        Where to Use?

        Sterilization by filtration is the fastest method for remov- al of bacterial cells from liquids, while minimizing the effects on ingredients. Syringe filters are broadly used in life science laboratories for sterilization of small volume samples, such as protein, culture medium, additives, buffers, reagents, and drugs. Usually, 0.1μm membrane is used for mycoplasma removal; 0.22μm membrane is used for bacterial removal and 0.45μm membrane is used for particle removal.

        The sterile syringe filters are ideal for numerous applica- tions in life science, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, food & beverage, and agricultural testing


        Single Use and Gamma Ray pre-sterilized
        Sterile graded 0.22μm membrane: LRV>7 for Brevundi- monas diminuta, ATCC19146.
        Non-pyrogenic, low extractables and surfactant-free ensures purity of filtrate.
        Extreme-low Protein Binding <1.5% (PES)
        Excellent Thoughput, for faster filtration and more process volume.
        Availiable to add Glass Fiber Prefilter to enlarge through- put if needed: SteriPure-PlusTM


        Sterile filtration and clarification of biological fluids Tissue culture media preparation
        Protein and enzyme filtration
        Hybridization buffers

        Other aqueous solutions

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